If you are building a restaurant, up-scale retail space or hotel, we understand each has a unique set of planning, construction and over site requirements. Just like our business of construction, all of these environments necessitate a superb level of customer service.

The client-centered focus in these types of spaces demand a good working knowledge of high-end designs; which often incorporate exotic finishes, unique materials and specialized equipment. We understand your customers notice the small details, that’s why we make a big deal of them.


Past Projects

  • Ameristar Casino Additions & Renovations
  • Ameristar Casino Depot Addition
  • Ameristar Casino Diner Addition
  • Ameristar Casino, Surveillance Room Additions & Renovations
  • Ameristar Casino Videowall Replacement
  • Ameristar Casino Restroom Renovations
  • Ameristar Casino Lobby Renovation
  • Ameristar Casino IT Chiller Improvements
  • Ameristar Casino Buffet Restaurant Remodel
  • Arrowhead Stadium Additions & Renovations, Kansas City Chiefs Football Club
  • Kansas City Chiefs Founders Suite, Kansas City Chiefs Football Club
  • Kauffman Stadium Additions and Renovations, Kansas City Royals Baseball Club
  • Salt Fork YMCA
  • Sheraton Hotel Renovations